Winter Motorbike Cleaning- Top 5 Tips

Wet dark

There is no avoiding the fact that winter is tough on motorcycles. Not only do the weather conditions make riding much more challenging but the nature of the motorbike’s exposed parts means ice preventative measures such as grit salt can cause significant issues for the longevity of your motorcycle. However, with the right maintenance your bike can survive anything that the UK winter can throw at it.

Here we offer 5 essential winter cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your motorbike in top condition, keeping you riding throughout the year.

Keeping Your Motorbike Clean in Winter

Like most things with motorcycling, keeping you bike clean in winter is going to mean a little bit of effort. Here are our top tips for keeping your bike clean in winter:

Storage – Prevention Before Cure

Where possible your motorbike should be kept stored in a shed, garage or at worst if these are not an option, outside under a specific weather protection cover during the winter months. This will protect the bike when you are not using it from continued poor weather which can cause the bike to corrode, get very dirty, and establish further costly mechanical maintenance issues.

Regular Motorcycle Cleaning

Wash your motorbike down after every ride, prior to putting it back in to its storage place. Road salts can corrode exposed metals and overall leave the bike in a vulnerable position for longevity. Mud, dirty and general muckiness will build up much quicker in the winter conditions, and this if not dealt with regularly can build up to cause issues for moving parts, and seals. We recommend for regular maintenance washing our Alpha clean motorcycle cleaner, which is a biodegradable powerful spray on cleaner, which will help remove dirt from the bike quickly.  You don’t have to intensely wash the bike every time you ride, but a quick wash with Alpha clean, and hose down after will maintain your motorcycle well.

Protect the bike with Alpha Protect hydrophobic protection after every quick wash to help keep your motorbike in top condition. Available here

Deep Cleaning – Bi-Weekly For Regular Riders

For much more intense washes- recommended at least every other week if you are riding regularly, our Alpha Sub Zero snow foam pre wash should be used [In conjunction with the IK snow foam Pro 2] and our Alpha wash shampoo. Ensure you are cleaning the whole bike, including the undercarriage, small gaps and crevices. Once your washing phase has been completed, we recommend finishing with our Alpha QD quick detailer for a layer of wax protection. Available Here

Anti-Corrosion & Rust

Use an anti-corrosion/ Anti-Rust spray to protect your motorbike after cleaning. Ensure all exposed parts are covered, and this is done regularly over the winter months for best protection.

Stay Visible

Clean the lights regularly. This is a safety tip more than a maintenance one. As an added recommendation, you can use our Alpha Vision visor water repellent on your lights to keep them clearer in bad weather, and improve visibility for both rider, and other road users of the rider.

At Alpha Bikes our product are ideal for keeping your motorcycle in top condition this winter. To browse our range of motorcycle cleaning products visit our shop.